• A vibrant, accessible, creative downtown core.
  • A community where everyone can afford to live.
  • Safe streets for walkers, cyclists and people using wheelchairs and mobility devices.
  • Deeper investment in community services and social supports.
  • Preservation of heritage properties, green space and the tree canopy.
  • Support for the arts and integration of the arts into city infrastructure.
  • Snow-clearing that prioritizes sidewalks and the winter cycling network.
  • Frequent, convenient seamless, affordable and accessible public transit.


Ariel will not take donations from developers or their family members. She believes that city councillors must remain impartial when making decisions about what gets built in our community but welcomes conversations with both community and business leaders on how best to meet Somerset Ward’s growing housing needs.


Ariel and her team will be building a platform for Somerset Ward based on conversations with our neighbours about our collective vision is for a better city. Want to book a conversation or show Ariel your corner of the neighbourhood? Email [email protected]

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