Parks and greenspace

  • Provide heat relief and expanded recreation options by building an adult-depth outdoor pool within Somerset Ward and extend the hours at the existing wading pools and public swim areas. Install misting machines or convert fire hydrants to provide further heat relief on hot days.
  • Identify projects that can improve community engagement within existing parks. Examples include renewing the basketball court in St. Luke’s Park, and adding recreation and fitness equipment at Dundonald Park, along with more seating areas and better lighting.
  • Look for opportunities to expand our tree canopy, including working with the National Capital Commission to ensure that the new development at Lebreton Flats significantly increases access to shade in the neighbourhood. Explore options to increase fruit and nut tree plantings in our communities.
  • Ensure the city lives up to the Climate Emergency declared in 2019 and takes strong action to combat climate change. We must fully fund and implement all Energy Evolution action items.
  • Increase resiliency and creativity in our infrastructure projects like road renewals by prioritizing the addition of greenspace. Allow for more biodiversity and native plant species in City Right-of-Way projects, preventing the issues caused by monocultures or invasive species.

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