Active transportation

  • Work with the rest of City Council to expand Ottawa’s cycling network into a four-season, all ages and all abilities urban grid, that is focused on commuting and biking for utility,  not just recreation.
  • Build out our local bike network with another east-west protected bike lane, preferably on Gladstone. Transform Kent Street into a complete street; push for a redesign that adds a cycling lane in addition to other traffic-calming measures.
  • Explore seasonal street closures to create more pedestrianized community spaces.
  • Make sure kids can safely walk, roll, and bike to schools in their neighbourhoods by lowering speed limits on all residential streets in the ward to 30 km/hour and supporting the development of School Streets.
  • Work with other levels of government to expand and develop incentives for trade-ins of cars for e-bikes or cargo bikes.
  • Work with the rest of city council to get a functional and widespread bikeshare system, designed as a last-mile part of Ottawa’s public transit system, modeled on BikeTO’s success.

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